Parents Section

Note to Parents

The InCrowd host extravagant and exciting parties for teenagers in a safe and controlled environment. We provide them with exciting themed nights to look forward to throughout the school year! Think of it as a 'night out' with fantastic entertainment, live performances and celebrity personal appearances in a controlled environment. Aside from safety, we strive to provide a high quality service that is of great value for money to teenagers.

All live performances and celebrity information will be on our social media and flyers. All entertainment at the events is included within the ticket price. Please note that soft drinks will cost approx between £2 - £3 each and the cloakroom is approx £1 - £2, both dependant on the venue for each event. Water is available at no charge.

All attendees MUST bring a valid form of ID to the event, or they will be refused entry into the venue. Anything with a photo & D.O.B. such as a photocopy of a passport, driving licence, college ID is deemed suitable.


Our top priority is the safety and wellbeing of the teenagers. To accomplish this, we employ professional male/female security to assist party goers, as well as trained First-Aid medics and stewards.

Parents / guardians must deliver and collect their teenagers from our events.

The InCrowd do not condone the use of public transport under any circumstances, however should you feel the need to use a taxi service, we have a number of recommended taxi firms available.

For more information, email us at

Banned substances

A zero tolerance to alcohol, drugs and tobacco policy is enforced strictly at all our events. This policy is also respected by our celebrity guests. Contact details of the parent/guardian are recorded on file at the time of ticket purchase. In the event a child is found to be intoxicated, a medic will attend the situation and parents will be requested to collect the child. This action will also be taken in the event of illness, misbehaviour or anything we deem necessary. 

Visible male and female licensed security guards are present inside and outside the venue throughout the night. Upon entry, attendees should expect appropriate security measures to be taken e.g. bag searches, searches and to walk through a metal detector. Any unauthorised items will be confiscated.

We employ a strict no aggro, alcohol or anything illegal policy at all of our events!

We currently have a background of providing services within schools having worked with over 3,500 secondary schools all over the UK. Through our vast experience within the industry we believe we are not only the most exciting teenage party company, but also the most professional and the safest.

Our goal as a company is to provide a solution to the dilemma all parents are faced with. "Where can we safely send our teenagers to socialise and meet other teenagers", at The InCrowd,  we answer this question. 

Tickets are only available from The InCrowd via Fatsoma, and must be purchased by a parent or guardian paying with a credit / debit card. We do not sell tickets on the door at the event.